11/07/2020 - theBigJohnson - It’s not a skirt, it’s a stone

AO: theBigJohnson

When: 11/07/2020


Number of Pax: 25

Pax Names:

HalfBakerd, Pony, Mayhem, D Minus, CueBall, Rainman, Rocky, Taps, Kenny Rogers, Spartan, Elmer Fudd, Blistex, Cousin Eddie, Biscuit, BathSalt, Astro, Tugboat, Stapler, TwoWay, LittleJohn, Duct Tape, Goat Boy, Doc Quinn, Toby, Kurd

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: NA

QIC: Kurds


It’s not a skirt, it’s a stone; I think we should throw heavy things and sprint


Motivators from 16

The Thang

Pick a heavy object and carry it to the field
30 merkins
Throw the rock 100 yards
25 turkish git-ups
Shuffle with heavy things
20 burpees
Shuffle with heavy things
15 turkeys
Run to the hill; P1 sprint up; P2 squats; switch
P1 run-up backwards; P2 leg-kicks; switch
P1 Sprint up; P2 BB sit-ups; switch
Everyone sprint up; Mary at the top
Mosey to sprints
25 in cadence LBC’s
Sprint down
Squats + burpees
Sprint up
Sprint Down
Sprint Up
Mosey to rocks; hold them up high
15 burpees

Circle of Trust

Prayers for health
What a gorgeous day

Naked Man Moleskin

I love being a part of a group of men that always has a willing participant for CSAUPS and doing good.

I love you Stapler

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  1. Mayhem

    We throw heavy things and sprint.

    Sounds like something I did a long time ago in a village a long way away.

    At least there wasn’t an unmarked vehicle chasing me this time.

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