12/06/2020 - theBigJohnson - How to carry and throw heavy things

AO: theBigJohnson

When: 12/06/2020


Number of Pax: 37

Pax Names:

Astro, SeaBass, DollarStore, BoyRDee, Biscuit, Oscar, Emmet, Tugboat, Moseby, Mulligan, CueBall, Ortho, Snowden, BigMoney, Woz, Mayhem, Taps, Sweatshop, Toby, SousChef, DryRub, Pony, Agassi, Goat Boy, Lil John, Rainman, Cupid, Elmer Fudd, D Minus, Poindexter, Spartan, TrailMix, Private Powell, Rocky, LaRusso, Kurds, I’m missing one.

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: NA

QIC: Kurds


It is good to carry heavy things


Heavy thrusts X 25

The Thang

Heavy lunges X 50
Heavy Squats X 25
Merkins X 30
Heavy thrusts X 15
Overhead carry to start
Heavy throws
Heavy sit ups
Heavy ground to belly
Heavy hammers
Heavy throws
Overhead carry to dumpster
10 burpees
Overhead carry to garage
10 burpees
Overhead carry to BJ
P1: Run the hill backwards / P2 Overhead hold; Switch
Everybody 10 burpees
P1: Run the hill forward until P2 is done / P2 25 X heavy touch the ground to touch the sky; switch
Everybody 10 burpees
Overhead carry to sprints; set the rock down
Sprint down; sprint up
Heavy thrusts X 10
Heavy squats X 25
Overhead carry to return the rocks
Race to the COT

Circle of Trust

Gratitude for the PAX; Chris Matthews; return of Boy R Dee

Naked Man Moleskin

This felt really hard, but fun. The guys pushed. I barked at a couple of guys standing around watching PAX work hard. The people who asked if it was them were not the guys standing around, they were the guys busting their butts to do something hard.

If you are standing around watching, you are wasting a special opportunity to get better.

E.C. Motivator X 21 followed by shots

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